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The Borough Council normally reviews its on and off-street parking charges every two years. This includes looking at the price of Residents permits, Business permits, Carers’ permits and Dispensations.

In line with it’s two-yearly cycle the Council intended to revise those charges in April 2020, but this was been held-over due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Whilst we are considering an increase to the cost of most permits and dispensations, it is proposed to reduce the cost of a Carers’ permit by £25 to recognise the service Carers provide to vulnerable members of the community.

Residents permits

Across the Borough these are currently set at £40 per car per year, with no limit to the number of permits per household, and these prices have remained unchanged since 2016. In 2018 it was decided that no increase should be applied.

Having compared our existing charge to a number of other local authorities it is apparent that our existing charge is slightly below the average, with Tunbridge Wells Borough Council charging between £60 to £80 dependent on the road.

Other Council’s such as Sevenoaks District Council apply a rising scale of charges with those who park more cars on the road, paying more for their permits. The rising scale is designed to help manage road space demand where parking is at a premium. In essence, it seeks to discourage people from parking more cars in the road, unless absolutely necessary.

Taking this into account the following annual charging structure is proposed:-

Current Annual ChargeProposed Annual Charge
1st car£40£45
2nd car£40£45
3rd car£40£90
4th car (and above)£40£135

We are not intending to limit the number of permits per household, but to introduce a price incentive to deter the parking of lots of cars on-street and to encourage the use of off-street spaces. The introduction of a tiered pricing system should not affect the majority of residents, but will affect those who park several cars on-street in the resident permit parking areas and who increase parking pressure for their neighbours.

Business and Carers permits

Permit typeCurrent Annual ChargeProposed Annual Charge
Business permit (for businesses located within a permit scheme)£160£175
Carers permit£50£25


Dispensation typeCurrent ChargeProposed Charge
Property Maintenance£160 per year£175 per year
Tonbridge High Street (Banking)£160 per year£175 per year
On-street dispensation (for building works etc.)£10 per day and £30 per week£10 per day and £40 per week

Formal consultation

Formal consultation took place from 27 November 2020 and ended 21 December 2020). Responses could be made using the consultation form (Please note that this form will not work outside of these dates). Or alternatively, responses could be sent via email to parking.office@tmbc.gov.uk, quoting reference Amendment 32 On-Street Permit Prices

All responses had to be received by 21st December 2020

Formal consultation responses are currently due to be reported to councillor members of the Joint Transportation Board at their 08 March 2021 meeting, with a final decision to be taken by Cabinet.

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