Aylesford charges

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Councillors recommended to Cabinet that parking charges be introduced at both council car parks in Aylesford (Bailey Bridge West and East) at the Street Scene and Environment Advisory Board meeting held 30 October 2019. The report can be seen in full here as part of the Review of Parking Fees and Charges item.

Members of Cabinet considered those recommendations at their meeting 06 January 2020. They agreed with the recommendation and that this should now be taken forward to formal consultation (change the Off Street Parking Places Order). The report to Cabinet, and their decision, can be seen here.

The outcome of the formal consultation, which ran from 17 January 2020 and ended 9 February 2020, was reported to councillors at their 05 March 2020 meeting of the Street Scene and Environment Advisory Board where they referred to Cabinet that the objections to the proposed changes to off street charges be set aside and the variation to the off street charges is made prior to the proposed parking charges outlined in the report coming into effect on 5th April 2020.

The Cabinet meeting of 17 March 2020 was cancelled due to the coronavisus pandemic.

Members of Cabinet resolved at the meeting 03 June 2020 Cabinet that the recommendations be deferred until the next annual review of car parking arrangements in autumn 2020, to enable the financial implications and the impact to the community arising from the coronavirus pandemic to be fully assessed.

Members of Cabinet resolved at their meeting 14 October 2020 that ‘a survey to ascertain user profiles and duration of stay at the Martin Square and Aylesford car parks be undertaken at a point in time when it is deemed the parking has returned to some level of normality following the Covid-19 pandemic.’ This shown in page 4 of the 12 pages of Decisions.

Formal consultation documents

Proposed charges

Time periodCharge
Up to 30 minutes20p
up to 1 hour 40p
up to 2 hours 60p
up to 4 hours £1.10
up to 6 hours £1.60
up to 9 hours £2.20
up to 24 hours £5.30
Residents season ticket £100 per 12 month period
Business season ticket £200 per 12 month period

Proposed charges will apply Monday to Saturday 8am to 6pm with free parking at all other times including public holidays.