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We manage on and off-street parking enforcement in this Borough. To do this we have Traffic Regulation Orders that describe the parking restrictions in detail and provide the legal basis for parking enforcement.

Amendments are made to those traffic regulation orders as new parking controls are introduced.

Parking Orders are divided into 2 types, off street (car parks) and on street (double yellow lines etc).

Parking Orders may be processed by either Kent County Council (KCC) usually as part of the road adoption process or for highway safety reasons, or Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council (TMBC) for resident and limited-wait parking.

Off Street (council car parks)

On Street

The current on street order is now partly amended by the Amendments and Notice of variation as shown below

  • Amendment 1 TMBC (Phase 6A (East Malling, Larkfield, Leybourne, Tonbridge, Wrotham)
  • Amendments 2 and 3 TMBC (Phase 6B (Aylesford, Ditton, East Malling & Larkfield, Ightham, Leybourne, Ryarsh, Snodland, Tonbridge, West Malling)
  • Amendment 4 KCC (Leybourne, West Malling, Town Hill jct A20 London Road)
  • Amendment 5 TMBC (Phase 7 (Aylesford, Burham, Ditton, East Malling & Larkfield, Leybourne, Snodland, Tonbridge, West Malling, Wrotham), ticket machines and taxi ranks)
  • Amendment 6 TMBC (East Malling & Larkfield and Hildenborough)
  • Amendment 8 TMBC (Phase 8 - Addington, Aylesford, Borough Green, East Malling & Larkfield, East Peckham, Leybourne, Platt, Ryarsh, Snodland, Tonbridge, Walderslade, Wrotham)
  • Amendment 9 processed by KCC - did not proceed due to objections
  • Amendment 11 TMBC (West Malling permit areas and new restrictions)
  • Amendment 12 KCC (Snodland, Holborough Lakes – area including Poynder Drive, Manley Boulevard and Amisse Drive)
  • Amendment 13 TMBC (Phase 8A – Leybourne - Baywell, Tonbridge - Cage Green Road and West Malling - Norman Road)
  • Amendment 14 TMBC (Phase 8B – Tonbridge Area D Permit areas)
  • Amendment 15 TMBC (Phase 8C – Leybourne - Baywell)
  • Amendment 17 KCC (Snodland, Holborough Lakes- some roads off Poynder Drive and Manley Boulevard)
  • Amendment 18 TMBC (Phase 9 (Addington, Aylesford, Borough Green, Burham, East Malling & Larkfield, Tonbridge, Wouldham)
  • Amendment 19 TMBC (On street charges 2018)
  • Amendment 20 KCC (Tonbridge, High Street & Bradford Street)
  • Amendment 21 KCC (Tonbridge, railway Station forecourt)
  • Amendment 22 KCC (Kings Hill, Tower View cycle lane)
  • Amendments 23 and 24 TMBC (Phase 10 and Access Group 1 - Aylesford, Borough Green, Ditton, East Malling & Larkfield, Leybourne, Plaxtol, Tonbridge, West Malling, Wrotham)
  • Amendment 25 KCC (Wrotham, Hall Road)
  • Amendment 26 KCC (Tonbridge, Tudeley Lane)
  • Amendment 27 KCC (Aylesford, Preston Hall development)
  • Amendment 28 TMBC (Access Group 2 - Aylesford, Burham, Tonbridge)
  • Amendment 29 KCC (Tonbridge, Shipbourne Road)
  • Amendment 30 KCC (Tonbridge, River Lawn Road, ambulance bay)
  • Amendment 31 TMBC (Phase 11 - Aylesford, Borough Green, Ditton, East Malling & Larkfield, East Peckham, Tonbridge, West Malling and Wrotham)
  • Amendment 31a TMBC (Phase 11a) - Order, notice in press and statement of reasons
  • Amendment 32 TMBC (On street charges 2021) - Order, notice in press and statement of reasons
  • Amendment 33 KCC (Snodland, Holborough Lakes – area south of Higham Avenue)
  • Amendment 34 KCC (Aylesford, London Road)
  • Amendment 35 TMBC (Access Group 3 - Ditton, Snodland and Tonbridge)
  • Amendment 38 KCC (Tonbridge, Annison Street)

Notice of variation 1 to the on street order

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