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A local search forms part of the conveyancing process and is carried out to ascertain if there are any matters affecting a specific property or piece of land, such as any restrictions which a prospective purchaser would want to know about before they decide to go ahead with a purchase. A local search will generally consist of both a search of the statutory Register and other specific information about the property.

The Council maintains the statutory Register of Local Land Charges. It includes details about restrictions on the use of the property. A search of the statutory register will reveal all the entries registered against the property, for example conditional planning permissions and tree preservation orders. These charges are binding on successive owners of the property or land.

In addition to the search of the register, we can also answer a series of questions about the property on forms CON29 (enquiries) and CON29O (Optional). These forms collate information from various other parts of the Council and information given to the Council by other bodies, including Kent County Council and the Environment Agency. This includes information about things which are not included in the statutory register.

The search result will be specific to the area you have asked us to search.

In addition to standard services we can offer:

Access to unrefined data - This is information that can be accessed by a third party in order to answer relevant questions on form CON29, but work needs to be done in order to use it. It is held in paper format without any formal index. A search of the unrefined data as above, the results of which is analysed and provided in the form of a tailored report covered by the Councils full insurance.

A reminder of our other standard services:

An LLC1 only search where the Land Charges Register has been interrogated, the charges verified and recorded on the correct register schedule and covered by the Councils full insurance.

A full CON29 search where both public information and unrefined data which is not publicly available is interrogated, the results of which are analysed and provided in the form of a tailored report covered by the Councils full insurance.

A full search, known as a standard search (forms LLC1 and CON29), where data to answer the forms has been accessed, verified as applicable to the search area and produced in a tailored report. The search also carries the Councils full insurance cover.Request a search