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An official search is usually made by sending the Council forms LLC1 (the search of the statutory Land Charges Register) and CON29 (the form requesting the other information held by the Council). Increasingly, search requests are being submitted electronically to land.charges@tmbc.gov.uk or through the National Land Information Service (NLIS) website at www.nlis.org.uk. All search results are returned electronically.

To make it easier to submit searches direct and to reduce paperwork we have created a downloadable Search Request form. This is a shortened version of the LLC1 form and both of the CON29 enquiry forms. This new search request form contains all the information we require to process a search.

Our standard (LLC1 and CON29) residential fees are £170.60, standard commercial £351.80 and LLC1 only applications, for residential and commercial, are £35.00; all printed CON29O questions are £18.00 each. Payment cheques can follow separately and please don't forget to attach an electronic copy of your search location plan with your application. For regular customers please contact us at land.charges@tmbc.gov.uk for payment by BACS.

In due course, usually 7 - 8 working days from receipt, the Council will issue an Official Certificate of Search. This is the only form of search for which the Council gives a guarantee, backed up by special insurance cover.

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