Personal search fees suspended

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The fee for personal searches of the Local Land Charges Register was removed by The Local Land Charges (Amendment) Rules 2010: 2010 No. 1812.

These Rules amend the Local Land Charges Rules 1977 (SI 1977/985) by removing the fee Schedule for personal searches of the Land Charges Register because the fee is incompatible with the Environmental Information Regulations 2004(a).

Until we complete the process of digitising our Land Charges Register records we will continue with our current personal search procedure. The list of CON29 questions, including where publicly available information exists free of charge, is set out below:

1. Planning and Building Regulations

1.1. Planning and Building Decisions and Pending Applications
1.2. Planning Designations and Proposals

2. Roads

Other Matters

3.1. Land required for Public Purposes
3.2. Land to be acquired for Road Works
3.3. Drainage Agreements and Consents
3.4. Nearby Road Schemes
3.5. Nearby Railway Schemes
3.6. Traffic Schemes
3.7. Outstanding Notices
3.8. Contravention of Building Regulations
3.9. Notices, Orders, Directions and Proceedings under Planning Acts
3.10. Community Infrastructure Levy
3.11. Conservation Area
3.12. Compulsory Purchase
3.13. Contaminated Land
3.14. Radon Gas
3.15. Assets of Community Value