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This page provides details of the Public Hearings to be held by the Inspectors.

Matter 1 Hearing Statements

The Hearing statements can be accessed from the Matter 1 Hearing Statements page.

Stage 1 Hearing Sessions

The Stage 1 Hearing sessions of the Local Plan Examination will be held virtually and will open on Tuesday 6 October at 10.00am. The Hearing sessions can all be viewed live on the Council’s YouTube channel.

Stage 1 Hearing Dates:

  • Tuesday 6 October, Wednesday 7 October and Thursday 8 October 2020
  • Tuesday 3 November, Wednesday 4 November and Thursday 5 November 2020
  • Tuesday 10 November and Wednesday 11 November 2020

Stage 1 Timetable and Participants V.3 (28.9.20)

Inspectors’ Note on the Virtual Hearings

Agenda Day 1 & 2 Matter 1 - Duty to Co-operate

Agenda Day 2 & 3 Matter 1 - Legal Compliance & Procedural Requirements

Privacy Notices

These documents set out how your personal information will be used if you are taking part in the virtual hearing sessions:

Inspectors’ Matters, Issues and Questions

The Inspectors have issued additional questions for Matters 1 and 4 concerning the changes to the Use Classes Order. Please see the document ED54 below for further information:

2 September 2020 - Question 8 of Matter 3 – The Metropolitan Green Belt (Policy LP3). To ensure alignment with the National Planning Policy Framework (2012) the Inspectors have amended Question 8 of Matter 3 to:

  • Do the decisions taken on Green Belt releases reflect the need to assist with urban regeneration, by encouraging the recycling of derelict and other urban land? Where is this evident?

The deadlines for statements are unchanged.

Further Details

If you have any queries concerning the examination please contact the Programme Officer: Louise St John Howe

Email: louise@poservices.co.uk, Phone: 07789 486419.

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