Pre-application - Development Types

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All requests for pre-application advice (except requests relating solely to works to trees) should be completed using our online form. Requests for general planning advice should be emailed to The request for any development type will need to be accompanied by the documentation detailed in the appropriate advice checklist and the correct fee for the type of response you want to receive from us. Enquiries that relate solely to trees should be emailed to

Development Type


  • Alteration or extension of individual houses and flats for residential purposes and where the building affected is NOT a Listed Building NB Alterations to an existing or creation of a new dropped kerb can only be dealt with by making an application for a Lawful Development Certificate.
  • Amendments to previously approved Householder schemes
  • Discharge of conditions attached to Householder permission


  • Alterations to an existing building (excluding individual flats and houses which fall within Householder Development) where there is no increase in floorspace or where any increase in floorspace is less than 499 sq.m
  • Creation of one residential unit
  • New or replacement shopfronts
  • New or replacement advertisements
  • Alterations to a Listed Building
  • Demolition
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Air Conditioning/Ventilation Equipment
  • Amendments to previously approved schemes (except Householder)
  • Discharge of Conditions attached to permissions (except Householder)


  • Creation of 2-9 new residential units; or
  • where the floorspace to be created/changed in use does not exceed 999 sq.m


  • Creation of 10-99 new residential units; or
  • Creation /change of use is between 1000 sq.m and 9999 sq.m. NB Proposals for residential units where floorspace exceeds 9999sq m will fall within the Large/Strategic development type.


  • Creation of 100 or more new residential units; or
  • creation or change of use of 10,000 sq.m or more floorspace