Planning Legal Agreements

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Section 106 agreements

Planning legal agreements (also referred to as Section 106 agreements, section 53 agreements or planning obligations) are used to mitigate the impact of development in association with planning applications. Most agreements are site-specific and relate to the policies contained within the Council's adopted development plan, in accordance with the tests set out in the National Planning Policy Framework 2019 and the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Regulation 2010.

These agreements are usually available to view in our applications online, and will be shown against the relevant planning application to which they relate. If you cannot find a specific legal agreement please email with full details of what you are looking for.

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Infrastructure funding

The Infrastructure Funding Statement (PDF) sets out the types of infrastructure and projects we intend to fund through Section 106 income over the next reporting period. It also provides a breakdown of Section 106 income and expenditure over the last financial period. Annex 1 to this Statement sets out all financial contributions held by the Council as of 01 April 2019 and is referred to in Section 2 of the Statement.