Planning Considerations

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We cannot take into account matters which are not valid planning considerations, including:

  • perceived loss of property value
  • private disputes between neighbours
  • loss of a view
  • impact of construction work
  • commercial competition
  • private disputes over rights of way or rights to light, boundaries etc
  • personal morals or views about the applicant
  • restrictive covenants
  • matters that can be controlled under other legislation

The assessment of any application will take into account any material planning considerations, including:

  • local, strategic, regional and national planning polices, and any previous planning decisions
  • whether the proposed use is a suitable one for the area, taking into account noise, smell, disturbance resulting from the use
  • design, appearance, materials, layout and density of buildings
  • significant overshadowing, overlooking or loss of privacy
  • highway safety, parking, access and traffic generation
  • whether, in the case of an application for an advertisement, the proposed sign is of an acceptable size or location;
  • visual effect on the landscape, nature conservation, loss of trees or hedgerows
  • effect on a conservation area or any historic buildings, and local archaeology
  • size and location of proposed advert signs