Planning and Covid 19

Last Updated:

The Council’s Planning Service is operating on a business as usual approach as far as practicably possible. We are continuing to assess planning applications, respond to correspondence, move forward with the Local Plan and undertake the usual day-to-day tasks. Given the high volume of queries we are receiving, please do be aware that it may take longer than usual to respond. Please also be aware that at the current time we are unable to provide immediate full or partial refunds of fees paid, where agreed. Please be assured that any refunds WILL be actioned as soon as we are able to do so.

The Government has made announcements around relaxation of usual restrictions on delivery times and to allow pubs and restaurants to temporarily operate as takeaways.

We are conscious of the need for flexibility to ensure that businesses can adapt to operate in this period and will therefore look at any requests from businesses to temporarily alter their operating procedures (which may impact on planning restrictions) in a positive and pragmatic way, considering each on a case-by-case basis.

We aim to respond to correspondence swiftly and clearly.

It is important that businesses contact Planning Services to discuss any such temporary alterations before they are implemented. Please email for further advice.

Alternatively you may wish to make an application, contact us for pre-application advice, or seek information on Planning Enforcement.

You may also be interested in our progress on the local plan, including news about how the timetable hearings for the examination might be affected.