Advice and Guidance

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Find our how all planning related matters affected by Covid 19 are being progressed at this current time.

Please note that the planning team is currently experiencing very high volumes of casework presently and this may mean that it takes longer than normal to respond to you. We will endeavour to do so at the earliest opportunity.

When you want to make an application, you should read our planning application guidance. You will also need to take into account our planning policy and Local Development Framework.

It may also be useful to find out if your site is affected by any protected trees or Heritage Assets such as:

  • Conservation Area
  • Listed Building
  • Ancient Monument
  • protected trees, either by Tree Preservation Order or within a Conservation Area.

If you wish to build a new or make changes to an existing building, you will also need to contact Building Regulations.

Detailed guidance about the kinds of work for which you need to apply for planning permission, and those for which you do not, is available online from the Planning Portal.

On some applications the viability of a scheme may be presented as a barrier to compliance with policies of the Local Development Framework. When this is raised the applicant must submit viability evidence, which will then be subject to an independent Financial Viability Assessment. The cost of the independent Financial Viability Assessment shall be borne by the applicant in full, together with a £36.00 (£30.00 + VAT) Council administration charge.