Interactive Proposals Map

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Navigation Tips

Find out which policies and proposals affect your place of interest by using the interactive Local Plan Proposals Map. Follow the tips (below) to help your navigation.

  • Open map in new window - to expand the map window for full screen view.
  • Legend - tick the boxes for each of the Council's Local Plans (Core Strategy, Development Land Allocations DPD, Tonbridge Central Area Action Plan and the Managing Development and the Environment DPD) and the Saved Policies so that all of the relevant policies will be displayed
  • Locate your address - type the postcode in the 'Search' box (top left) to find the address and click search. Alternatively select a settlement from the 'Bookmarks' field (top middle - drop-down menu) and click the adjacent arrow
  • Identify the policies - Select the 'Identify' button (arrow & ?) and click on the property or land of interest to identify the policies that apply. Some of these policies will be site or area specific whilst others will apply borough-wide
  • Policy details - Click on the 'Details' under the policy title and selecting 'Full Policy (link to plan)' which will take you to the relevant policy in the plan
  • Pan-across the map - Select the 'Default' button (arrow), click, hold and drag the map to your preferred location

To access the plans in full, please go to the Adopted Plans page.

If you have any questions about using the interactive Proposals Map, please contact a member of the Planning Policy Team.