Local Plan Proposals Map

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The policies and proposals that feature in the Council's adopted local plans are illustrated on the Proposals Map.

The Proposals Map covers the whole of the Borough.

The Map itself is available to view and download from this page. It comprises six separate files.

Interactive Proposals Map

You can access the policies and proposals affecting your place of interest from the Interactive Proposals Map.

Proposals Map Legend

To find out which file covers your geographical area of interest, please open the Map Legend and consult the map grid for the relevant sheet number. This document also provides the key to the Map.

Proposals Map Sheets

The following six sheets make up the Proposals Map that accompanies the Council's adopted local plans.

Please Note: The documents are designed to be printed on A1 plotters. Due to the size of the files and the detail of information, the maps may not be suitable for downloading and reading from mobile devices.

Proposals Map - Sheet 1

Proposals Map - Sheet 2

Proposals Map - Sheet 3

Proposals Map - Sheet 4

Proposals Map - Sheet 5

Proposals Map - Sheet 6

Adopted Local Plans

The full suite of adopted local plans that contain the policies and proposals illustrated on the Map are available online.