LDF - Supplementary Planning Documents and Other Policy Documents

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What do they do?

Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) provide greater details on the policies in the plans that make up the Local Development Framework. The Council has adopted the following SPDs:

Affordable Housing SPD

This SPD supplements policies CP17 (Affordable Housing) and CP19 (Exception Site Policy) in the Core Strategy, providing more detail on what the Council will expect to secure in terms of affordable housing in new residential development. This SPD was adopted in July 2008.

Kent Design

This SPD supplements policy CP24 (Achieving a High Quality Environment) in the Core Strategy, providing greater advice on design matters including form, layout, character and quality of development. This SPD was adopted in July 2006

Character Area Appraisals

This SPD supplements Policy SQ1 (Landscape and Townscape Protection and Enhancement) in the Managing Development and the Environment DPD, providing greater detail on the character of the main built-up areas in the Borough. The SPD has been prepared as a series of separate volumes, the first of which (Tonbridge, Hildenborough and Hadlow) was adopted in February 2011.

Other Planning Policy Documents

Details on other Planning Policy documents including the Vehicle Parking Standards, Strategic Flood Risk Assessment, the Open Space Strategy, Conservation Area Appraisals, Technical Guides on Renewables and Sustainable Drainage Systems and the Botany Area Planning Brief.