Managing Development and the Environment Development Plan

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Submission Version July 2009

The Council submitted the Managing Development and the Environment Development Plan Document (MDE DPD) to the Secretary of State on Friday 31st July 2009, in accordance with the timetable in the approved Local Development Scheme.

Please Note: No further representations can be entertained at this stage in the process. The closing date for comments was 8 May 2009.

The submitted DPD and background documents are now available to download.

Copies of the DPD and the background documents, including a copy of the representations received under Regulation 28(2), are available for inspection at the Council Offices at Kings Hill (between 8.30am and 5pm (Mon - Fri)) and Tonbridge Castle (between 8.30am and 5pm (Mon-Fri), 9.30am and 4pm (Saturdays) and 10.30am and 4pm (Sundays)).

Copies are also available for inspection at all libraries in the Tonbridge & Malling Borough area. Check with the library for opening times and days.

For more details, contact the Planning Policy Team on 01732 876266 or email

MDE DPD - Submission Version

MDE DPD Submission Version July 2009 (1.31 mb)

MDE DPD - Changes to the Proposals Map

Illustrating changes arising from the policies in the MDE DPD only:

Master Map Grid (895 kb)

Maps 1-8 (3.03 mb)

Maps 9-12 (2.79 mb)

Maps 13-16 (3.29 mb)

Maps 17-24 (3.86 mb)

Maps 25-32 (3.74 mb)

Maps 33-40 (4.29 mb)

What Happens Next?

The Inspector, Mr Michael Moore, has been appointed. Further details are available from the Examination page.

MDE DPD Supporting Documents

All the background documents and evidence base for the MDE DPD are available to view and download.