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Water Efficiency and Sustainable Drainage

Policy CP1 in the Council's adopted Core Strategy seeks to achieve high quality sustainable development in the borough.

Pursuant to this, policies CC1 (Sustainable Design) and CC3 (Sustainable Drainage) in the Managing Development and the Environment Development Plan Document (MDE DPD) (Submission Version, July 2009) seek new developments to be water efficient and incorporate, wherever practicable, Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDS).

In support of achieving these policies, the Council has produced two guides, one on 'Saving Water at Home' and one on 'Sustainable Drainage Systems' (SUDS) that identify measures that can be adopted by householders and businesses alike and integrated into the design of new developments.

Each guide identifies why there is a need to address the issue of water efficiency, conservation and management locally, what the benefits are of integrating and adopting certain measures, and also when and where they are suitable. The guides also provide sign posts to organisations, eg Waterwise, who can offer expertise and detailed practical advice.