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Examination and Inspector's Report

Development Land Allocations DPD - Inspector's Report

The Inspector's Report into the Public Examination of the Development Land Allocations (DLA) DPD has been received. The Inspector has found the DLA DPD to be sound, subject to certain changes.

The only significant policy change is an amendment to the policy for employment land at Quarry Wood (east of Mills Road) indicating that a proposal for retail development in this particular location, which is acceptable in all other respects, should not have to justify a loss of employment land. The only other significant change is the incorporation of a new Chapter and Annex dealing with monitoring and implementation.

The Inspector's recommendations are binding. The DLA DPD must therefore now be adopted by the Council taking on board the Inspector's recommendations. The matter is to be considered by the Council's Cabinet on 2 April 2008 with a view to adoption by full Council on 22 April 2008.

Date and Venue of Pre-Examination Meeting

The Pre-Examination Meeting for the Development Land Allocations (DLA) and Tonbridge Central Area Action Plan (TCAAP) Development Plan Documents (DPDs) took place on Tuesday 4th September 2007 at the Council's Offices, Kings Hill.

Date and Venue of the Examination

The Examination took place on 20th and 21st November 2007 in the Committee Room, at the Council's Offices, Kings Hill.

Programme for the Examination


Laura Graham (BSc MA MRTPI), an inspector with the Planning Inspectorate, has been appointed to conduct the Examination and determine whether the Development Land Allocations DPD is sound.

Programme Officer

For further details on the Public Examination and the Pre-Examination Meeting please do not hesitate to contact the Programme Officer, Lynette Benton.

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