LDF Issues Report

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The publication of the Issues Report (September 2003) represented the first stage of the Local Development Framework (LDF) preparation process.

The report set out the main spatial issues - identified by the Council at the time - that needed to be addressed in the LDF.

Public consultation on the report took place during the Autumn of 2003. The purpose of this consultation was to see whether the public, stakeholders and other consultees agreed with the council's assessment or whether any other issues should be considered. The Council continued to accept and consider representations after the conclusion of the formal consultation period.

The feedback received during the formal public consultation on this document, and the council's proposed response, was reported to the LDF Steering Panel in November 2004. Representations made after this period were reported to meetings of the panel in April and July 2005 and have been incorporated in the published schedule of responses.

The response to consultation on the Issues Report informed the council's decisions on the Preferred Options.

Schedule of Responses

The responses received by the Council were reported in two sets: 1) General Policy Issues, and 2) Site or Area-Specific Issues.

In each schedule the responses are grouped according to issue type. The order is as follows:

01 Housing
02 Employment
03 Rural Settlements
04 Countryside
05 Built Environment
06 Design
07 Leisure/Open Space
08 Retail
09 Infrastructure
10 Flooding
11 Transport/Parking
12 Other

Under each issue, the responses are ordered according to company/body type. The order is:

1 Official Consultee
2 Parish Council
3 Interest Group
4 Consultant
5 Land Owner
6 House Builder
7 Public

The Response to the Issues Report Consultation document is available in hard copy at a price of £10.00 plus £3.00 p&p.

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