Local Development Framework

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The Local Development Framework (LDF) is a folder of local plans and guidance that contain the Council's spatial strategy, planning policies and proposals by which applications for development will be assessed.

In addition to the LDF, the Council also produces other helpful planning policy documents which are important considerations during the preparation of proposals for development.

New Local Plan - The Council has commenced work on preparing a new Local Plan that will, upon adoption, supersede the suite of documents that make up the LDF.


Latest information on the LDF, including any recently adopted documents or documents currently available for public comment is available on the News page.

National Planning Policy Framework

Read the Government's National Planning Policy Framework which will shape future planning policies.

Adopted Plans

The adopted plans contain the specific policies and proposals by which applications will be assessed.

Interactive Proposals Map

The interactive Proposals Map illustrates the policies and proposals contained within the adopted local plans. Pdf versions of the Local Plan Proposals Map are also available.

Supplementary Planning Documents

Supplementary Planning Documents amplify the policies and proposals in the adopted plans, providing more detail on how they will be implemented.

Development Plan

In addition to the local plans referred to above, there are other relevant planning policy documents produced by external organisations which together with the LDF make up the Development Plan for the borough.

Community Infrastructure Levy

A charge on new developments that local authorities can choose to set to fund local infrastructure. Read the Council's current position on the Community Infrastructure Levy

LDF Evidence Base

Evidence base that informed the preparation of policies in the LDF plans including: Housing Needs Studies, Employment Land Review, Tonbridge Town Centre Report, Strategic Flood Risk Assessment, Open Space Strategy, Green Infrastructure Report and much more.

LDF Archive

LDF Archive - Plans and reports produced during the preparation process for the adopted plans including: Issues and Options Reports, Preferred Options Report, Publication Plans, Submission Plans, Examination Statements and Inspector's Reports.


Annual Monitoring Reports (AMRs) measure the performance of the policies and proposals contained within the adopted plans.

LDF - Additional Information

Additional documents and information related to the LDF including the Local Development Scheme, the Statement of Community Involvement, technical guides on saving water and renewable technologies and the Vehicle Parking Standards.