Other Planning Policy Documents

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In addition to the production of the Local Development Framework, the Council also produces other planning policy documents that are helpful resources of information to be considered during the preparation of proposals for development.

Technical Guides

In support of achieving Policy CP1 of the Council's adopted Core Strategy, several technical guides on Renewable Energy Technologies have been produced.

In support of the climate change policies in the Managing Development and the Environment Development Plan Document, guides on 'Saving Water at Home' and 'Sustainable Drainage Systems' have been produced.

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA)

The original Stage 2 SFRA Report was published in August 2006 as a background document for the Local Development Framework.

SFRA 2011 Updates

Set out below are the key changes to the text and flood mapping in the Stage 2 Report (August 2006) that were approved as a material consideration for Development Control purposes in February 2011. Please read the updated mapping in conjunction with the Stage 2 Report.

Open Space Strategy

The Open Space Strategy for the Borough was adopted in February 2009. It provided the evidence for the open space policies in the Council's Managing Development and the Environment DPD, which forms part of the Council's Local Development Framework.

Vehicle Parking Standards

The following documents have been adopted by the Council as material considerations for the purposes of Development Control.

Gypsy & Traveller Accommodation Assessment

2005/06 Study

A four-district study (Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council, Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, Ashford Borough Council and Maidstone Borough Council) of the housing needs and aspirations of Gypsies and Travellers.

  • Gypsy & Traveller Accommodation Assessment 2005/06 - Final Report

2013 Study

In 2012 the Borough Council commissioned Salford Housing & Urban Studies Unit (part of Salford University) to carry out a new Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment for Tonbridge and Malling. The survey work was carried out in October of that year and a new accommodation assessment addressing the needs of Gypsies and Travellers was reported to Members of the Planning and Transportation Advisory Board in June 2013. The needs of Travelling Showpeople are still being assessed and will be made available shortly.

  • Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment 2013 Report

Tonbridge Conservation Area Street Furniture and Surfaces Guide

In July 2009 the Council adopted the Tonbridge Conservation Area Street Furniture and Surfaces Guide. The Guide has been approved in order to encourage the most appropriate designs and materials for the public spaces within Tonbridge Conservation Area.

Tonbridge Town Centre Master Plan (May 2006)

Botany Area Planning Brief

The Botany Area Planning Brief has been prepared to facilitate the development of sites located in the Botany Area of central Tonbridge, pursuant to Policy TCA11 in the Tonbridge Central Area Action Plan (Submission Draft, April 2008). It was adopted by Council on 11 December 2007 as a material consideration for Development Control following a period of consultation over the summer.

It sets out the important matters that development on this site must address through the detailed preparation and submission of a planning application.

Managing Land for Horses

In support for Policy DC4 of the Council's adopted Managing Development and the Environment DPD, the Managing Land for Horses: a guide to good practice was adopted in July 2011 as a material consideration for Development Control throughout the Borough.

West Malling Station Improvements

In April 2004, the borough council published a draft Planning Brief dealing with access, public transport and parking improvements for the southern side of West Malling Station.

The draft Planning Brief

  • makes provision for improvements to access to the station from the bypass (once it is widened)
  • proposes significant improvements to the bus and taxi circulation area in front of the station
  • identifies an area for additional parking served only from the bypass

Listed of current draft documents:

Following public consultation, at its meeting in July 2004,the council adopted the draft brief in all respects, apart from the location of parking, which was referred back for further study.

The consultants recommendations were considered by the council's Planning & Engineering Advisory Board at a meeting on 28 February 2005. The revised Planning Brief has been adopted as a material consideration for Development Control and it will inform the content of the Local Development Framework and the Local Transport Plan.

Cycling Strategy

Kent County Council has prepared a Cycling Strategy for Tonbridge and Malling, please visit Kent County Council's for further details.