Planning policy

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Planning Policy deals with long-term sustainable land-use planning for the Borough.


Latest information on Planning Policy matters, including any recently adopted documents or documents currently available for public comment.

National Planning Policy - update

Find out about the latest position on National Planning Policy produced by the Government which will shape future local planning policies.

Local Development Framework (LDF) - containing the Council's local plans

The principal activity of Planning Policy is the preparation of local plans. The LDF folder contains several local plans which are the primary statutory planning considerations in the assessment of planning applications.

Planning Policy - Library List

Studies and documents that have been produced to inform the preparation of local plans and other Planning Policy documents. These include: Housing Needs Studies, Employment Land Review, Retail Studies, and the Strategic Flood Risk Assessment.

Other Planning Policy Documents

In addition to the LDF, the Council also prepares a variety of other policy documents, including technical guides and the Strategic Flood Risk Assessment, which are important factors that need to be consulted when you prepare development proposals and applications.

Including: Technical Guides on renewables, the Strategic Flood Risk Assessment , the Open Space Strategy, the Gypsy & Traveller Accommodation Assessment, Vehicle Parking Standards, Interim Guidance Notes on Quality Audits and Residential Parking, the Botany Area Planning Brief and more


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