Tree Safety Policy

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This Policy covers trees on all Borough Council sites, predominantly trees are located on public open spaces or within woodlands. The Council is responsible for an estimated 2,500 non woodland trees and 26 woodlands which are estimated to contain between 2,000-10,000 trees per woodland. The public open spaces include Country Parks, Tonbridge Castle grounds, leisure centres, Tonbridge Cemetery, sports grounds, woodlands, Poult Wood Golf Centre and trees on land adopted as part of new developments or on other public open spaces throughout the borough. Trees owned by Parish/Town Councils, the County Council, in the ownership of Housing Associations and those privately owned are excluded from this P olicyas are highway trees.

The Policy aims to address the following key issues:

  • To ensure the management of the Council's tree stock contributes to making the environment safe, attractive and sustainable.
  • To provide formal policies that enable the Borough Council to conform to best practice in the management of its trees, particularly in relation to health and safety.

TMBC Tree Safety Policy