Tree management

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Works to protected trees will often need consent. Protection can be by Tree Preservation Order, because the tree is in a Conservation Area or because the trees are covered by a condition on a planning application. You will need to apply to us for works to any trees specified above. Protected trees can be viewed on our interactive Protected Trees map.

You do not need to own a tree to apply for consent to do works to it. However you will still need the consent of the owner before carrying out any works.

If you think trees may be owned by Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council, please contact our Leisure team on for advice. We have also adopted a Tree Safety Policy which explains more about the health and safety inspections of our trees.

Trees overhanging or obstructing a highway or obscuring signs and general visibility are the responsibility of the landowner, normally Kent County Council.

Tree work

In accordance with the Tree Safety Policy the Council undertakes regular health and safety inspections of the trees in our ownership. Any works arising from these inspections are then carried out. The Council does not undertake works to trees for reasons such as: lack of sunlight, lack of TV signal, the dropping of seeds, sap, berries, leaves and bird droppings. The Council may be able to investigate the possibility of some works being undertaken by an approved contractor, at your cost, subject to any relevant Tree Preservation Orders and agreeing with you what works could be carried out, if any, that isn’t to the detrimental health to the tree. We would also advise that if works can be agreed, there’s a strong likelihood that any tree will grow back thicker and faster, resulting in more frequent and costly works in the future.