Listed buildings

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Tonbridge & Malling has about 1400 listed buildings or other structures, for example walls or tombs within churches. These buildings are 'listed' because they are of special historic and/or architectural merit. Listing protects the whole building, both inside and out, and other buildings or structures within the curtilage of a listed building may also be protected, even if not specifically mentioned in the National Heritage List for England.

Listed buildings in Tonbridge & Malling can be viewed on our Heritage Assets map. This map will also show you the category of listing:

  • Grade I - exceptional interest
  • Grade II* - particularly important buildings
  • Grade II - special interest

It is a criminal offence to do works to a listed building without the appropriate consent. If you want to make alterations to a listed building, please apply online or make your application using the necessary paper forms, both available from the Planning Portal where you will also find more information. If you do not own all of the application site you will also need a Notice to Serve for each owner. Listed Building Consent is a separate consent from planning permission, and you must apply to us for this if you want to alter:

  • any part of the building or structure;
  • any object or structure fixed to it; or
  • any object or structure within its curtilage which dates from before 1 July 1948

which in any way affects the special character of the listed building or structure. Consent is needed for all extensions or alterations (either internal or external), although repairs may not need consent. Please contact us at if you want to discuss any proposed changes.

Please note that some buildings may not be listed but still have special protection because they are within a Conservation Area.