Conservation Areas

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Many settlements within our Borough have been designated as Conservation Areas: combinations of buildings, spaces and landscapes that together create areas of strong and unique character that it is worth protecting.

Our Heritage Assets or Protected Trees maps will show you our designated Conservation Areas.

  • Conservation Areas can vary in size and character and are often centred on groups of listed buildings. Within these areas we are required to take special care when we make decisions on applications, as any changes should respect the existing character and preserve or enhance that character and the appearance of the Conservation Area. If you are thinking about making any changes to your property, you may wish to use our pre-application advice service.

'Permitted development' rights for alterations to buildings are more limited in Conservation Areas than they are generally, so some works may need a planning application here, when elsewhere they might not. In a Conservation Area, the following proposals will always require planning permission:

  • demolition of a building with a volume of greater than 115 cubic metres;
  • demolition of a wall, fence, gate or railing over 1 metre in height adjacent to a highway or public open space or over 2 metres in height anywhere else.

If you live in a Conservation Area, you should always check if planning permission is needed for any development proposals.

If your property is a Listed Building, additional restrictions will apply.

In addition, you may be interested in our Conservation Area Appraisals which have been carried out for many areas.