Ancient Woodland

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Ancient Woodland Survey summary report (2010)

Ancient woodland is a nationally important and threatened habitat, and its existence over hundreds of years has preserved irreplaceable ecological and historical features. The South East has approximately 40% of the ancient woodland in England, but this valuable resource is increasingly under threat from development pressures in the densely populated region.

As part of the work on the Local Development Framework (LDF), the Council commissioned The Weald and Downs Ancient Woodland Survey to enhance and update the Ancient Woodland Inventory, and to include, for the first time, ancient woodlands less than two hectares in size.

The revised Inventory will assist Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council's planners to ensure that the effects of any development proposals on ancient woodland can be fully assessed and considered. The revised Inventory will also enable a better assessment of the extent and quality of the borough's ancient woodland resource to be made, and can help identify threats to the resource, areas for improving habitat connectivity, and opportunities for the strategic management of key woodlands.