Call for Sites - Frequently Asked Questions

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Why has this 'call for sites' exercise been undertaken?

The Government requires us to undertake the exercise to feed into the preparation of the new Local Plan.

The new Local Plan must make land available to address needs for new housing and other development in the Borough up to 2031.

Details on the Local Plan including evidence and the timetable.

What is the purpose of this 'call for sites' exercise?

The purpose of the exercise is to identify potential sites that can be technically assessed for their suitability, availability and achievability (including viability) for housing and economic development to meet the needs identified for the Borough.

Details on needs, including the Strategic Housing Market Assessment.

How were the sites that have come forward in the 'call for sites' identified?

Sites can be put forward by anyone or any organisation and typically have been promoted by land owners, developers, agents, local businesses and individuals in the Borough.

How was the exercise publicised?

The exercise was publicised via the Council's Call for Sites web page.

Letters of invitation to take part were sent to a wide audience including parish councils, landowners, developers, businesses and some local interest groups.

How long was the exercise open for?

The exercise opened in April 2014 and concluded on the 1st September 2015.

Where can I view more details about the sites?

At this stage, prior to the technical assessment, only the outlines of the sites that were received are available to view. A map is available online where you can view the extent of the sites.

What will happen to these sites?

The sites will be technically assessed in terms of their suitability, availability and achievability (including viability) for housing and economic uses of the period of the next Local Plan (up to 2031).

This technical assessment procedure will follow the requirements of Government policy on assessing sites.

Once this technical assessment is complete the outputs will be published in mid 2016.

The Strategic Land Availability Assessment will form a key component of the evidence base to inform policies and the choices for land for development in the new Local Plan.

Further details on the timetable for the new Local Plan.

If sites are identified in the 'call for sites' exercise and are being assessed does it mean that they will be allocated for development in the Local Plan?

No. The call for sites and the technical assessment of sites put forward is an important evidence source to inform plan-making but does not in itself determine whether a site should be allocated for development. This is because not all sites considered in the assessment will be suitable or ultimately acceptable for development.

Allocation of land for development will depend upon the extent of policy and practical constraints identified in the assessment and the choices ultimately made by the Borough Council following public consultation on the options available. The technical assessment provides information on the range of sites which are available to meet need, but it is for the Local Plan itself to determine which of those sites are the most suitable to meet those needs.

The approach taken ensures that all land is technically assessed together as part of Local Plan preparation to identify which sites or broad locations are the most suitable and deliverable for a particular use.

When can I comment on the sites?

The initial assessment is purely a technical exercise in accordance with Government policy (see above) which means the first opportunity to comment will be during the initial consultation on the Issues & Options for the new Local Plan.

This consultation is anticipated to take place during Autumn 2016 (please visit the Local Plan page for more details).

The consultation will identify potential borough-wide strategies for addressing identified local needs and will feature, for consideration, those sites that are assessed as potentially suitable, available and achievable, for housing and economic uses during the period up to 2031.

How do I keep in touch with the progress of this project?

Details of the Call for Sites project.

Details of the Local Plan preparation process.

If you are unable to find the answers to your questions on these pages, please do not hesitate to contact the Local Plan team: