Your Mental Health Matters

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  • Do something you enjoy
    • Whether it's taking a long walk, playing an instrument or going to the cinema, it's positive for your wellbeing to do something that makes you feel good.
  • Seek help and get advice
    • If you're finding things really difficult, you might want to talk to your doctor about any support services in your local area. You might want to try counselling to talk through the things you're finding challenging with a trained professional.
  • Keep healthy
    • Looking after your body can help to keep you mentally well. Making small, gradual changes can have a positive impact on your mental wellbeing - try to start with one or two things you feel able to do. Eat balanced diet and get regular exercise.
  • Take time for yourself
    • At times you may feel guilty for spending time on yourself. But it's essential for your wellbeing and can help you to be more resilient.
  • Set yourself a challenge or find something you like doing and do more of it
    • You could take up a hobby, join a class or volunteer your time for something you feel passionate about. At times it can be hard to find the motivation to set goals for yourself, especially when you don't feel confident or worry about what other people may think. But it doesn't have to be something big.

Making small goals such as trying a recipe or learning the days of the week in a new language can help you to feel more positive about yourself.

Further Information

If you are feeling down, call 03001 233 393

The websites below can provide further information and support from local agencies.

This project was setup by the Tonbridge and Malling Youth Forum