Sports Grants

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The Council is committed to promoting increased sports participation and to encouraging the pursuit of sporting excellence within the community. Financial assistance for both individuals and sports organisations is available from a number of sources.

Free Admission For National Sportspeople (FANS)

The F.A.N.S. scheme provides free off-peak training at all of the Council's main leisure facilities to people currently selected for sport at a national level.

Applicants must currently be a member of a national team / squad and residents of the Tonbridge & Malling area and membership is valid for 12 months, after which a further application is required.

To apply and for more information on the scheme, including eligibility criteria.

In addition there is also a Kent F.A.N.S scheme which supports athletes across the county.

Community Amateur Sports Clubs

If you are a non-profit amateur sports club that is open to the whole community, it may be worth investigating applying for Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) Status. As a CASC benefits to your club may include: mandatory 80% rate relief, ability to raise funds through Gift Aid (an additional £25 from every £100 donated) and exemption from corporation tax.

For more information as to whether applying for CASC Status is appropriate for your club, visit the CASC Info website.

Association of Community Amateur Sports Clubs

The Association of Community Amateur Sports Clubs is an advisory service for Community Amateur Sports Clubs designed to help clubs maximise the benefit of their CASC Status. By joining the association, members can benefit from access to specialist advice on areas including claiming Gift Aid for sports clubs, fundraising ideas, obtaining additional rate relief and how to structure and present accounts as a CASC. In addition members will also have access to an online library of specialist CASC information, an online survey which highlights the things you can do to improve your club and a confidential telephone advice line for clubs experiencing difficulty.

The association also has a Fundraising Membership with specific information on fundraising for clubs at a local level.

Funding Opportunities

There are a number of funding sources and databases that can assist in finding funding for a new sports project, equipment, facility development and individuals. Some of these are listed below:

Further Information

Please contact the Sports Development Officer.
Phone: 01732 876166