Woodland Walk public open space

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Owned and managed by Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council, Leisure Services


Woodland Walk is located in north Tonbridge and runs from Shipbourne Road southwards to Higham Lane. The nearest postcode is TN10 4RQ which takes you to Whister Road, there is a small car park at the junction of Shipbourne Road and Whistler Road.

Map showing other points of interest in the area

Travelling and parking

Please consider other ways of getting here than using a vehicle. There is no car park and very little on road parking around this public open space.

Many of our locations are accessible by public transport, walking or cycling as well as by car.

There are public rights of way in the area, with MU6 going through Woodland Walk.

About Woodland Walk public open space

Woodland Walk public open spaces consists of 44 acres and there eight entrances for walkers.

The main areas of interest are:

  • that the Pen stream runs through the middle of this public open space so water safety should be considered when visiting this public open space
  • that to the north there is a larger open space known as Frog Bridge sportsground and children's play area(link to 4333)
  • to the south there is a larger open space called Scotchers Field and children's play area


  • Pathways are surfaced

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