Leybourne Lakes - Photo competition

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Leybourne Lakes Country Park is now running a monthly photo competition free for anyone to enter.

You don't need a fancy camera to take part; just snap away as you walk around the park and submit your photos to have a chance of winning. Anyone can enter from the kids to the grownups.

The photos have to be taken in the park and can be of anything from wildlife to scenic views. Each month the winning photo will be selected by the Ranger Team. The photo will be printed and put up around the park for everyone to enjoy. Good Luck. You have until the 24th of each month to send up to 2 of your best photos taken in the park to:llcp.rangers@tmbc.gov.uk along with your name, age, and contact details.

The poster and some examples are available on our Facebook page.

Any images submitted for this competition may be used in future posters or publications for the site. None of the contacts detail sent will be passed onto third parties and are only taken to let people know if their picture has been selected and if they would like there name/age placed next to their picture.