Golden hello and rent guarantee scheme

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Do you have a property to let?

We’re looking for tenancies for good quality homes in the Borough and surrounding areas.

We’re looking for good quality private rented properties for households who need a home and are ready to move and can offer you:

  • a ‘golden hello’ of up to £3,500 per property
  • rent guarantee
  • a deposit bond
  • a single point of contact with a Housing Options and Support Officer
  • payment of any additional insurance premium for renting your property to a low income household

Golden Hello

We can offer a one-off ‘golden hello’ incentive payment when you provide a tenancy to a household we’re working with. The incentive amount will depend on the fixed term of the tenancy agreement as follows:

for a 12 month fixed term

  • I bed - £1,500
  • 2 bed - £2,000
  • 3+ bed - £2,350

for a 24 month fixed term

  • 1 bed - £2,300
  • 2 bed - £3,000
  • 3+ bed - £3,500

We’ll pay the incentive to you once you’ve provided a copy of the tenancy agreement for the property and household as agreed.

Rent guarantee

The rent guarantee will be for six months (this may be extended).

You’ll need to engage with your tenant to resolve any rent payment issues or arrears as you normally would but the guarantee means you can ask us to pay the cost of any arrears; giving you financial assurance at the beginning of the tenancy. We will pay the cost of the arrears and then manage the debt directly with the tenant. You will need to fill out a short form to claim against the guarantee and provide a copy of the rent statement.

Other key points

Rents need to be in line with the relevant Local Housing Allowance amounts, or up to 10% above these as a maximum. This is to ensure tenancies are affordable for the households we’re assisting.

All properties need to be of good quality and standard, meet all minimum required safety standards and have an EPC rating of D or higher.

If you have a property to rent through our rent guarantee and golden hello scheme you can complete the landlord contact form or contact Gillian Aylett, Housing Strategy and Enabling Manager, by email to or on 01732 876135.


  1. Is there anything you can offer for a 6 month fixed term tenancy?

    We will consider offering the rent guarantee for tenancies with an initial fixed term of 6 months.
    The incentive payments are offered where a tenancy has a fixed term of at least 12 months.

  2. How many incentive payments can I receive?
    It’s likely only one incentive payment will be made for each property you work with us to let. You may receive several incentive payments if you work with us with multiple properties.
    Payments are not tenancy based, so you wouldn’t usually receive another incentive payment if you serve notice to end a tenancy and re-let the property. We will consider cases involving a change of tenant on a case by case basis.