Financial help to improve and repair your home

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The Council under its housing assistance policy may help homeowners and tenants with a repairing obligation and landlords to improve or repair their homes.

Warm homes assistance

You may be eligible for financial help with ensuring that your home is adequately heated and insulated if you are:

  • An owner occupier or a tenant with a repairing obligation and in receipt of an Energy Company Obligation (ECO) eligible benefit or eligible for Local Authority Flexible Eligibility ECO; OR
  • An owner occupier over 65 years of age with a specified medical condition or have a serious long term health condition or vulnerable children with respiratory conditions living with you in a cold home; OR
  • A private sector landlord working with the Council by accepting nominated tenants or improving the Energy Performance Certicate (EPC) rating of the property from a band F or G to a minimum band E where there is a category 1 Excess Cold hazard present.

Home improvements assistance

If you have serious health and safety hazards in your home, such as dangerous electrics, a leaking roof, dangerous steps or stairs. We may be able to help fund works in your home to reduce those hazards.

Empty homes

If you have an empty home, that has been empty for more than six months you may qualify for a Kent County Council No Use Empty loan to help bring your property up to the Decent Homes standard to let or sell. If you intend to live in the property the Council may be able to help with financial assistance to bring the property up to the Decent Homes Standard.

More information

If you are a homeowner or a tenant with a repairing obligation, funding up to £10,000 may be available. You should not be in Council Tax arrears and the assistance is repayable on sale of your property. Contact the Private Sector Housing team on 01732 876067 or at for further information.

Other sources of funding

Warm Homes Fund

Funding for households (in receipt of certain benefits or on a low income with a health condition that is impacted on by living in a cold home) to be connected to the gas mains, and have first time gas central heating. The funding is for privately owned or privately rented homes that do not have :

  • A gas meter/pipework connection to the gas mains
  • An existing other type of ‘wet’ central heating system in the property
  • And is near to existing gas mains

For further information please contact the Private Sector Housing team on 01732 876067 or at