How the DFG is paid

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A Disabled Facilities Grant will only be paid when the Council is satisfied that the work has been completed to their satisfaction and in accordance with the grant approval. Note, however, that you are responsible for ensuring that your builder meets the standard you require.

A grant can only be paid on provision of an acceptable invoice, demand or receipt of payment for the works. An invoice is not acceptable if it is for work or services provided by the applicant or a member of his or her family. Where the works are carried out by the applicant or a relative, only invoices for materials or services that are brought in will be acceptable.

The Council may pay the grant in full on completion of the works or by instalments as the works progress.

If the applicant is an owner occupier and the grant is over £5,000, the grant amount over £5,000 is repayable up to a maximum of £10,000 if the property is sold within 10 years of grant completion.