DFG- Types of work

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The Disabled Facilities Grant can be used for the following types of work:

  • To make it easier to get into and out of the dwelling by, for example, widening doors and installing ramps;
  • Ensuring the safety of the person with a disability and other occupants by, for example, providing a specially adapted room in which it would be safe to leave a person with a disability unattended or improved lighting to ensure better visibility;
  • To ensure easier access to the living room;
  • To provide or improve access to the bedroom, kitchen, toilet, washbasin and bath (and/or shower) facilities, for example, by installing a stair lift or providing a downstairs bathroom;
  • To improve or provide a heating system in your home which is suitable to the needs of the person with a disability;
  • To adapt heating or lighting controls to ensure ease of use; and to improve access and movement around the home to enable the person with a disability to care for another person who lives in the property; such as a spouse, child or another person for whom the person with a disability cares.