Disabled facilities grant

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If you (or a person living with you) has a disability and your home requires adaptations to enable you to live more independently then you may be able to get financial help with this. The Disabled Facilities Grant is means tested and the maximum amount that can be paid is £30,000.

If you need help with getting adaptations then please contact Kent County Council Social Services on 03000 41 41 41 in order to determine what your needs are. If necessary, they will make a referral to us once this assessment has been done.

Relocation assistance

If you or (a person who lives with you) are disabled, your property does not meet your needs and it is not considered appropriate or reasonable or practical to adapt your home then relocation assistance may be provided. Up to £5,000 towards moving costs may be available where a more suitable property has been identified. This grant is not repayable.