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The council runs a Smokefree Homes Award for all households in the borough. We have over 200 smokefree homes in Tonbridge and Malling since the beginning of 2009. This project is funded by the Kent Alliance on Smoking and Health (KASH).

Reasons to go smoke free in your home.

  • If you smoke when your children are around, they can inhale the equivalent of 150 cigarettes a year!
  • Could your child be one of the 50 children that are admitted to hospital every day in the UK because of tobacco smoke in your home?
  • Smoking restrictions in your home will encourage your children to stay non-smokers.
  • Smoking is one of the main causes of fires in the home.
  • Approximately 140 deaths and 1800 injuries occur each year as a result of fires caused by smoking.
  • Smoking is harmful to pregnant women and their unborn baby.

Sign up for the Award

Read the leaflet Smokefree Homes Award, complete the Smokefree Homes Award Promise Form and return it to the food and safety team. When we receive the completed form you will get your

  • pledge certificate;
  • window sticker to display in your home, and
  • a smokefree homes goody bag!

You can also request information from the Kent Fire & Rescue Service and FREE support from West Kent Stop Smoking Services to help you quit.

Keep your Promise to go smoke free

The minute you ban or limit tobacco smoke in your home, the benefits to you and your family's health begin immediately.

  • Talk to other people living in the house about why you want to have smoking restrictions in your home. Tell them that tobacco smoke is harmful to your children's health.
  • If your home is totally smoke-free, display a smoke free home sticker on your door to let visitors know that smoking is banned in your home
  • If you live with a smoker, be sympathetic of their desire to smoke but be firm about your children's right to live in a smoke free home.
  • Inform visitors who come to your house frequently of the promise you have made. Let them know you're not rejecting their friendship but only the harmful effects that tobacco smoke has on your children's health.
  • If you smoke yourself, take your children for a walk or have them play outdoors if they are too young to be left alone while you smoke outside make sure your children are safe when you smoke outside.
  • Put an ashtray near the outside door so that smokers can pick it up when they are going outside to smoke.

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