Family weight management and healthy lifestyle programme

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Family Lifestyle Advice

Tonbridge and Malling Borough council are encouraging families to feel healthier, happier and fitter.

Families can find helpful advice on the Change4life website, or if you'd like support to be a healthy adult why not visit OneYou Kent to find lots of useful information on healthy lifestyles. If you'd like to start your journey to a healthier you, why not fill in our referral form today or call 0300 020 0636 for more information.

Change for life Sugar Swaps campaign -

Healthy lifestyle programme

Counterweight is a FREE 11 week evidence based weight management programme for adults, that is delivered by trained Counterweight practitioners. The programme promotes behavioral strategies, which seek to change eating habits, activity levels, sedentary behaviour and thinking processes that contribute to an individual becoming overweight or obese.

The course is fun, relaxed and interactive and aimed at people who want to make long term health changes. You can start your journey today by signing up or calling 0300 020 0636. More information can be found here.