Adult Weight Management Programmes

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A relaxed and friendly evidenced based weight loss programme could help you lose weight and keep it off for good. Counterweight differs from other programmes in that the goal for weight change is realistic, so why not sign up today for this FREE weight loss programme and see how much you can lose.

The Counterweight Programme is an 11 week evidence based weight management programme for adults, that is delivered by trained Counterweight Practitioners. The programme promotes behavioural strategies, which seek to change eating habits, activity levels, sedentary behaviours and thinking processes that contribute to an individual becoming overweight or obese. The programme promotes active weight loss for three to six months, followed by long term weight loss maintenance.

To be eligible for the programme you need a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or more. You can calculate your BMI by visiting the NHS choices website -

Once the initial 6 theory sessions are completed we complete follow ups with you to continue to support you on your weight loss journey.One to one sessions are also available at TMBC Gibson Building in Kings Hill and at Tonbridge Castle.

To start your new healthier lifestyle, sign up by filling out the self-referral form or by phoning 0300 020 0636

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To join our waiting list for our January programmes please call 0300 020 0636 or fill in the self referral form.

Here's what previous clients have said:

'We have found that the Counterweight girls, Sally and Natalie have really helped us to change our lives and lose weight and help us to make new friends. Sally helped us find our get up and go and start swimming which we have continued with'

'I am more aware of diet and exercise and eat less bread now. I have switched cake for fruit. I do a Healthy Walk with TMBC each Wednesday as recommended by the girls'

'Support from leaders and people in group has been very helpful, encouragement to take up swimming exercise class was great, I felt exhilarated after doing it'