Street monitor campaign

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One of our key priorities is to achieve a cleaner, smarter and better maintained "Street Scene".

As part of our approach to "Street Scene", we run a Street Monitor scheme. The aim of this project is to work closely with local communities to make sure local street scene problems are identified and corrected as soon as possible. This includes the removal of litter, dog fouling and graffiti and the clearance of abandoned cars and fly tipping. We provide Street Monitors with a Street Scene Guidance Booklet.

Street Monitors are community-minded volunteers and can be individuals or part of a group. They can report problems regarding the Street Scene services direct to our "Streetline" number on 01732 876060 or at our online reporting page. The monitors are not asked to go out of their way to find problems, but simply report any that they see during their day to day activities.

We now have around 150 Street Monitors throughout the borough. We always welcome more volunteer Monitors - for more information please contact or call 01732 876 295.