Graffiti - reporting and removal

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application form and pencilTo report an incidence of graffiti use our graffiti report online form

The Council is responsible for removing graffiti from council-owned land and public property. We aim to remove all offensive, racist and abusive graffiti on our land within 48 hours of it being reported to us. All other incidents of graffiti on our land should be removed within one month. Areas on or close to main roads, main town areas and schools will be given priority.

We are not responsible for the removal of graffiti on telephone boxes, railway structures or private property. We are working in partnership with the main utility companies to remove graffiti from utility boxes. We will pass any reports we receive to the relevant company or landowner.

We may be able to assist you with treatment or removal of graffiti from your private property (domestic households only). If you want us to treat or remove graffiti from your property, you must complete the Graffiti treatment disclaimer and return it to before we can advise you or have the work carried out.

As part of the Cleaner Borough Campaign we lend community groups, residents and businesses graffiti removal kits and graffiti wipes. These can be used by anyone wishing to remove small-scale graffiti themselves. If you would like a kit to tackle graffiti in your area, contact the Waste Services Team.