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Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of domestic, construction, commercial or other waste. Fly-tips not only cost the Council significant amounts of money to clean up, but can be dangerous; they can fuel fires, harm animals or attract rats and cause a hazard for drivers and other members of the public.

Waste can only be deposited at officially authorised sites. The Council, Environment Agency and the Police can prosecute anyone caught fly-tipping. The fines can be substantial - up to £50,000 or a six months prison sentence. If convicted in a Crown Court the fines are unlimited. The police can also seize vehicles involved in fly-tipping.

What does the Council do?

The Council has a responsibility to clear fly-tipped waste from public areas under its control, and endeavours to remove the waste as quickly as possible. Waste dumped on private land is the responsibility of the landowner and in certain circumstances the landowner can be made to clear away the rubbish.

What you should do

Everyone should deal with his or her waste in a responsible manner.

If you use any tradesmen to remove waste or do work such as gardening or tree work, it is important you ensure they are properly licensed. Failure to do so can lead to fly-tipping of your waste. Always try to use reputable companies who you know will dispose of the waste responsibly.

To report an incident of fly-tipping telephone Waste Services or fill in the online reporting form.

How we can help

The Council has a variety of initiatives to address this increasing problem, including erecting warning sites at 'hot-spots' and clearing fly-tips as speedily as possible. It also promotes a number of services, to help householders dispose of their waste correctly. We can offer:

  • A bulky refuse service for large items of household waste.
  • A free Saturday freighter service operating throughout the borough. This is currently suspended due to Covid19

If you are a landowner, guidance and information on fly-tipping can be obtained from the Environment Agency.

To contact the Waste Services Team:


telephone 01732 876147