Paper, Glass, Cans and Textile recycling

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The main materials recycled at recycling sites are glass, cans, paper and textiles. We also have sites for plastic bottles.

Use our interactive map to find your nearest site.

Report an overflowing recycling bank.

Contact the Waste Team.


Glass bottles and jars should be separated, by colour into the green, clear and brown glass banks. Blue or mixed coloured bottles should be placed in the green bottle banks.

Glass placed in these banks is collected by Veolia in one of two specialist vehicles. These vehicles have separate compartments to keep the glass colours apart. The glass is then sold to reprocessors to be turned into glass cullet that is used to make new glass bottles & jars.


Food and drink cans can be recycled at the yellow can banks at a number of recycling sites. Please ensure cans are rinsed out to prevent pests being attracted to the banks.

Newspapers and magazines

Newspapers, magazines, holiday brochures, catalogues, junk mail, all telephone directories including Yellow Pages, and white office/copy paper can all be recycled using the blue paper banks.


Virtually every kind of textile, from t-shirts to saris to school uniforms, shoes, trainers, football kits, hats, belts, jackets, towels, bed sheets or curtains can be collected in the textile banks. The material will then be sent for recycling or, if it is of a suitable quality, for re-use. You may choose to take re-usable textiles to a charity of your choice.