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There are over 40 recycling sites around Tonbridge and Malling for the collection and recycling of a number of different recyclable materials. You can recycle newspaper and magazines, plastic bottles, glass bottles and jars, cans, textiles, shoes and even CDs and books. The sites vary in size and the types of material that can be collected for recycling.

Two specialist vehicles operate across the boroughs of Tonbridge & Malling and Tunbridge Wells, emptying in excess of 500 glass & can banks. Many of the banks are emptied two or three times each week while others are emptied less often where demand for the service is normally lower. If one of the vehicles breaks down, we cannot obtain a replacement vehicle easily, so we double-shift the remaining vehicle in order to try to keep up with emptying the banks and to reduce the risk of overflows.

At Christmas time the recycling sites get particularly busy and we have arranged extra emptying of the glass, paper & plastic banks over this period. This is where we ask for your help...

In an effort to keep the sites tidy, and to ensure that access can be gained to empty banks, we would ask you not to leave your recycling, or any other waste, on the ground. If you do notice that the first banks appear to be full, please check if the banks to the rear or side have capacity.

If the glass/plastic banks are full then please take your glass/plastics home with you and store it until the banks have been emptied. If the can or paper banks are full, please take your cans & paper home and put them in your green box for kerbside collections on the next scheduled collection day.

Any rubbish dumped at the recycling sites risk a Fixed Penalty Notice. So far we've issued over 20 FPNs for non-recyclable rubbish dumped at the sites, even when banks were not full.

Thank you for your commitment to recycling and for your continued patience at this time.

Use the interactive map to locate your nearest sites.

Download a list of where our sites are located and the materials that are accepted.

Report an overflowing recycling bank.

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