Reuse campaigns

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Many items that could be used again end up rotting in landfill sites. However, there are many ways that items which have a useful life left in them can be re-used. If you have something that you think is just too good to throw away then why not try one of these alternatives to disposal.


The YMCA takes donations of good quality furniture to help with their work.

Mobile phones / printer cartridges

Many charities and organisations accept old mobile phones and/or printer cartridges which helps them to raise funds. Please check on your preferred charity's website.

Charity Shops or websites

As well as clothes and furniture many charity shops also take books, games, records & CDs, and bric-a-brac - check with the shop before you visit. Many of the national charities provide a range of ways to help you recycle and re-use goods please check their websites.

E bay & Other websites

E-bay is probably the world's most famous auction website.

The Freecycle Network is an international movement of people who are giving (and getting) stuff for free in their own areas. By 'recycling' unwanted items, less will end up in landfill.