Household waste - rubbish collections

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If you would like information on our recycling collection service, please visit our micro-site 'Recycle for All'.

Most homes are provided with the following containers for rubbish and recycling collections:

  • Black bin for non recyclable household waste.
    • If your property is not suitable for a black bin you will have a black sack collection.
    • Properties with communal bins and or bin stores may be provided with larger shared bins or individual wheeled bins depending on circumstances and space available. Where space permits we will be introducing containers for paper and cardboard and mixed recycling bins for shared use. We intended to start rolling this service out in Spring 2020, however due to Covid-19 pandemic, we have been unable to continue this work at the current time.
  • Green-lidded bin for plastics, glass & cans
  • Green box for paper & cardboard
  • Orange-lidded bin for food waste

Black bin service

Your black bin is collected fortnightly with your green-lidded bin and green box collected on the alternate week. Order a black bin for new property or repair a damaged bin

  • We only collect household waste that fits within the black bin.
  • Do not place soil, rubble, hot ashes or garden waste in your black bin.
  • Do not place tins with paint or liquid in your black bin as these may leak from the vehicle.
  • If you are not sure of how to dispose of an item please contact us for advice.
  • Place your bin at the boundary of your property by 7am.
  • Do not leave your bin on the street after collection day.

Further Information

All the waste collected in black bins or sacks is taken to the Energy-from-Waste plant at Allington, where it is burnt to create electricity.

If you cannot fit all your waste in the black bin you may;

If you are unable to put your bin at the property because of an infirmity or disability we can provide a "pull-out" service. In this service we agree a suitable location on your property where the bins will be collected from and returned to the same location. Contact us if you need this service.