Recycling paper bag suppliers

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There are a number of companies that supply paper sacks that can be used to wrap kitchen food waste to put in the green-lidded bin. A selection of companies that supply paper bags are listed below.

Although supermarkets and other suppliers sell bags which are labelled as bio-degradable or compostable, we cannot accept them in your green-lidded bin. This is because they take longer than your food waste to break down at the composting facility and will be present in the end product which is soil improver.

You may also find it useful to have a kitchen caddy with a sealable lid for any plate scrapings, left over food or vegetable peelings. Kitchen caddies are small bins that can be purchased quite cheaply at many home stores. This caddy will then prevent any flies being attracted to food waste while it is in your kitchen. The caddy may be used with or without paper sacks.

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