Keeping of animals as nuisance

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Keeping of animals can disturb neighbours due to noise or smells. This may be considered a statutory nuisance and complaints can be investigated by the council. Barking dogs are a particular case that is treated separate to other animal noise.

Please note that the keeping of certain animals - including livestock and dangerous wild animals - requires permits and/or registration with other bodies. For further information contact one or more of the following:

How to reduced the problem.

The potential for problems can be prevented by:

  • Ensuring that animals are kept in accordance with best practice for the type of animal
  • Before getting an animal, consider the effect that it may have upon your neighbours.

How to make a complaint.

If you have spoken to the person whose animals are causing you a problem and the problem has not reduced and you feel the problem may be considered a statutory nuisance contact us with the details.