Tonbridge Odour issues

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A multi-agency liaison group has been established to oversee some of the ongoing issues arising from reports of odours over Tonbridge. The group includes representatives from Drytec and local residents with the aim of all interested parties working together towards resolving this issue.

At the first meeting of this group, in early February, the Managing Director of Drytec provided a timetable for the installation of new odour abatement equipment, detailed below:

  • Fabrication of new plant to commence in February 2014
  • Plant to be shipped to UK in March 2014
  • Plant to be commissioned in April 2014
  • Target is to have the system fully operational by May 2014

In the meantime officers are continuing to investigate complaints of odour we receive and to visit complainants whenever possible.

The purpose of the proposed monitoring protocol is to gather evidence of odour nuisance to use if the local authority considers it necessary to take enforcement action against Drytec as a consequence of the proposed new abatement equipment not being installed in conjunction with the timetable detailed or the new abatement equipment not achieving its aim.

To assist us with our investigation/evidence gathering and to ensure that we receive your compliant we would ask that you:

  1. complete all the questions on the monitoring form whenever you detect the odour and when the incident is over, email the form to Depending on your software you may need to print this PDF form. Alternatively send a blank email to and we will automatically send you the form as a word document by return e-mail.
  2. If you are unable to sign the form electronically we may ask you to sign the form manually, should we instigate enforcement action, in the future.

EH officers will endeavour to respond to all calls during working hours as a priority but with limited resources we ask you to acknowledge that there will be occasions when officers cannot respond.